Pendel - Crib Pen

Pendel - Crib Pen


A multi-reveal & crib pen for awesome mentalists.

People that should consider getting a Pendel:

Users of WikiTest, Will To Read, All About Eve.

People who like having psychological reveals on them ready to go.

People that do the Magic Square.

Have I mentioned you? Please read on.

Released at £5 OFF RRP for a limited time!


I’ve been performing my book test (All About Eve) and Will To Read for many years. I know the words off by heart. Yet I have had those moments on stage where my mind goes completely blank, or I’m having to think about other aspects in my routine... it can happen to anyone! So I decided to have a ‘hidden in plain sight’ crib gimmick.

I used to have a really rough sticker with all the words on... it was crude but never noticed.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have designed an entire vinyl pen wrap to completely cover high quality marker pens.

Whilst I was having fun designing I decided to add some more mentalism reveals. This makes the pen a total power house for working mentalists and allows you to concentrate more on performance and less on recalling words that are in the back of your mind.

The 2 main features include cribs & reveals.

I would never use both in the same performance... for example I wouldn’t use the crib... and later draw attention to a reveal, just incase they spot the crib.

However, having performed with my early version for years I can honestly say no one has ever spotted the crib words and my old version wasn’t designed nearly as neatly or discretely!


  • 1089
  • Triangle inside Circle
  • King of Diamonds (KD)
  • ESP Star
  • No. 37



  • All About Eve / Will To Read
  • WikiTest
  • Magic Square (barcode)


Magic Square info:

The numbers above and below the barcode will give you every number needed for the grid.

Ask for number over 25 but under 100.

The first number in the square is their number minus 20.

Whenever you next see an action ie. minus 1 (-1) then this is the first number in your square minus 1. I found this easier and much more space saving than putting minus 21 (-21).

I hope that makes sense... so after you’ve taken 20 from the original number, you now use this new number with the other calculations... they are simply: -1, +2, +1


Pendel Standard

A converted Edding 300, can be re-inked using Edding’s docking station refill.

This is an incredibly high quality pen.


Pendel Standard £12.95

Pendel DIY Sicker/Wrap - £7.95

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF... you require a left handed pen. I can add the wrap the other way round for you.

Standard or Wrap