Odd One Out - Magnetic Dice Set

Odd One Out - Magnetic Dice Set


Do you own Flux? Scan 3D? MagSense? Or Sixth Sense?

This may very well be right up your street.

An Amazingly High Quality Set of Dice!!!

Included are 5 (18mm) Dice.

4 Blue... 1 White & a beautifully made, perfectly sized black silk crepe bag.

The white die houses a VERY STRONG magnet!

The 4 blue dice are perfectly normal, but match in size and are high quality.

The magnetic die can of course be used alone for performing ‘which hand’ routines... It is just perfect, NO seams and the neodymium magnet inside is a huge 10mm square!

...Combine with with the matching 4 blue dice and the bag for an amazing Max Maven ‘kurotsuke’ style routine.

The bag has been made to very specific dimensions. This means that when holding the bag in your hand with your magnet detector palmed (same hand) the distance of the magnetic dice will NOT set off the device.

However, when the spectator selects the white die and their closed hand passes up past yours it will trigger the vibration.

You will now know who holds the Odd One Out!

This is a top quality utility for your mentalism shows.

It does NOT come with any routines or instructions.

There is soooo much material already available by much better mentalists than myself!

Most notably Max Maven and Charles Gauci who both have excellent work in this area.

I am simply supplying quality props for use with routines that you either already do... or ideas that you may have.

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