Night Flight Deck - RED Standard Edition

Night Flight Deck - RED Standard Edition


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The Night Flight Deck is back and this time it is for Magicians as well as Mentalists!


You spoke and we listened...


Luxury Card Stock

Two Jokers

Red / Red Double Backer

Redesigned Mark for all the 10's (see markings photo)

We took the name off the Box! and off the Ace of Spades!

Barcode now has the Magic Square calculation on it.

Night Flight Deck - Red Standard Edition

This amazing deck has been designed by Steve Dela and illustrated by Ade Gower (Monster Creations) from the ground up.

They have NOT simply designed a card and added the marks over the top as an ‘after-thought’, as seen with the majority of marked cards.

The great thing about designing the backs this way is that the marks are BIG and yet SO well disguised!

Once you know where to look they are REALLY quick to read. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the photos.

Marked in just two corners... not all 4 (top left & bottom right) this means you can spread the cards and hide the marks if you wanted to.

The cards are also a ‘One Way’ design... take a look at the centre star.

As if that isn’t enough!

There are specific markings to indicate in a split second as to whether the card is Red or Black.

See the spider webs? The Black cards are ‘filled in’ in the centre! Subtle, yet obvious when you know.


As you can see from the photos, the back design has a familiar feel and format but with totally unique imagery. The idea was to make this design very ‘understated’ but rather ‘cool’ looking at the same time.

To your audience it’s just another generic pack of cards but for you it’s a beautiful piece of playing card art.

  • Designed for Mentalists & Magicians.
  • Professional ‘Casino Quality’ card stock.
  • Designed from the ground up as a marked deck! The marks have been illustrated into the back design and NOT just added as an after-thought.
  • Super easy to read markings.
  • Subtle one way back design.
  • Instantly know whether a card is Red or Black via separate markings.
  • Beautifully modern yet familiar looking back design.
  • Normal faces. NO redesigns!
  • Generic box design. Nothing to indicate that this is a VERY special pack of cards.
  • NO name on box or Ace of Spades!
  • 55 Card Deck! Extras cards include: 2 Jokers. 1 Double Backer Red/Red.
  • High quality laminated tuck box.
  • Magic Square Barcode.
  • 1089 Reveal.
  • Markings explanation card.



Michael Murray

“The cards are beautiful, they handle superbly and the printing on them is first class!!!!

What’s not to love!”

Steve Cook

"Steve Dela has produced a beautiful deck of marked cards.

Don't just think about buying this deck... JUST BUY IT!! Highly recommended."

Steve Haresign

“Steve has shown his expertise by creating a great deck to an amazingly high standard.

Definitely a winner.”


1 - £15.50

2 - £28 (14.00 each)

7 - £87.50 (12.50 each)

12 - £145.00 (£11.75 each + additional £4 p&p) - Working Pro

30 - £240.00 (£8.00 each) - Wholesale


Magic Square info:

The numbers above and below the barcode will give you every number needed for the grid.

Ask for number over 25 but under 100.

The first number in the square is their number minus 20.

Whenever you next see an action ie. minus 1 (-1) then this is the first number in your square minus 1. I found this easier and much more space saving than putting minus 21 (-21).

I hope that makes sense... so after you’ve taken 20 from the original number, you now use this new number with the other calculations... they are simply: -1, +2, +1

How Many