Know It Boards Kit + NF Deck

Know It Boards Kit + NF Deck


I am back with another awesome Mentalism accessory and oh man this is special!

Launch Price is £65 inc U.K. p&p

(Regular price will be £95 plus postage)

The first 10 sets sold will ALSO receive a FREE Night Flight Deck - worth £30!!!

Just 5 sets available at this time.

(A further 5 to follow next week)


Designed for Pro Stage Mentalists.

This is for anyone that does effects like ‘Sneak Thief’ or written psychometry effects in their stage show.

  • Forget handing out floppy cardboard!
  • No replacing the boards each time!
  • No more having to ‘mark-up’ a set for every show!
  • Highly visible on stage.
  • Much more professional looking props.

This is basically 5 (strong) whiteboards which are secretly marked using the barcode on the back.

They are clearly marked 1-5 so you will always know which is which.

The basic premise is that 5 people are handed a board and a pen... they each write/draw something... the boards are mixed up and you can then identify who each word or picture belongs to!

There is SO much opportunity for using this set to create an original routine for your show.

Whiteboards are a known object. This style of board is often used in schools and is instantly recognisable.

The barcode marks are subtle yet obvious ‘when you know’. The size of the stickers has been tried and tested and I believe I have struck the perfect balance between hidden yet visible.

Also, they are printed on professional ‘sign grade’ vinyl and fully laminated making them scratch-proof! They are extremely hard wearing!

No expense has been spared in putting together this amazing kit.

I hope that proud owners will appreciate the quality of each and every aspect.


You will receive:

  • 5 ‘A4 size’ Wood & PVC Whiteboards.
  • Professional-grade vinyl laminated Barcode Stickers applied to the boards. These will last a long time!
  • 5 spare Barcode Stickers... (just in case you ever need them).
  • 5 high quality Dry Erase Pens.
  • Pen Case.
  • Eraser Sponge.
  • Pro Whiteboard Cleaning Spray.
  • Microfibre Cloth.
  • Metallic Bubble Envelope for the boards.
  • High Quality Folder to keep the entire kit together.
  • BONUS - Night Flight Deck!!! Just as a thank you for being quick to snap up a kit.
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