ESP Modern

ESP Modern


I love ‘normal’ ESP cards... I even have a standard deck being printed right now!

This however is a brand new, modern and unique pack which I have created for being able to use in many different ways!

This is a pack of 6 symbols... each symbol is an actual ‘thing’... something people recognise.

This means that you can now do personality readings based on the item people secretly select... of course you know which they choose because they are also very cleverly MARKED!

As well as the image/personality reading, you can do colour readings and play off of the fact that each one is a different colour.

There are coloured using the same colours as a Rubik’s Cube, which of course matches the Pro Mystic MD Mini!

They are even associated with the exact same numbers too so you can remember the same order! This is also the same as my previous colour cards! Nothing new to remember.

SIX SYMBOLS (not 5) means you can open up possibilities with using alongside any electronic dice set you may have!

You receive 2 sets of 6 symbols (12) AND a Double Backer.

  • They are 100% PVC (plastic) Playing Card Stock.
  • PVC Lasts 30-50 times longer than cardboard.
  • Cleverly Marked
  • 13 Cards Included
  • Card Box
  • Grey Velvet Bag

(Be sure also to check out my Leather ESP Card cases... these fit perfectly)

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